The people in the Photos

Let's identify the people in the photos!

No. 1

He was a former Director of the Trust for 15 years. Before the Trust Director, he also served as the Chief Sustainable and Environment Officer.

Photo credit: Loop

No. 2

He served as Chairperson of the Trust. He inspired and educated members, staff and council alike to learn and tell the stories of Saint Lucia's history.

Photo credit: The Voice Publishing

No. 3

In support of culture and the arts, he co-founded and chaired for two decades the Trust.

Photo credit: United Nations

No. 4

She was a Chief Executive Officer at the Trust from 1992 to 1999. She has been an active not only in the Trust but in a wide variety of fields such as Arts, History, Culture etc.

Photo credit: St. Lucia Heros

No. 5

He was a former Director of the Trust. He is one of the foremost authorities on the history, ecology and culture of Saint Lucia.

Photo credit: Caribbean/African Book Blog

No. 6

She was a Chairperson of the Trust. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund.

Photo credit: The Voice Publishing

No. 7

He was a former Executive Director of the Trust. He is currently a Programme Manager, National Coordinator for GEF-UNDP SGP.

Photo credit: Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund -SLUNCF

No. 8

She indicated her willingness to serve on the Council. She was best known for her series of articles "Bush Talk", a wildlife and conservation newssheet published by the Forestry Department in 1981.

No. 9

She has been a member of the Trust for over 20 years and served as a former Councilor to the Trust for 7 years. She played an integral role in engaging the people of Soufriere, especially the youth in the conservation work of the Trust.

Photo credit: Soufriere Foundation