Tangible Cultural Heritage Sites in Saint Lucia

* Trust sites

Please also refer to the Saint Lucia Heritage Map.

Pigeon Island National Landmark*

It is representative of the classic period of the late 18th century and used to be a Naval Base and Headquarters during this period.

Derek Walcott House*

Sir Derek Walcott is a Novel Laureate for Literature in 1992. It is his childhood home and features his writings, photos and so on.

The Minor Basilica of Immaculate Conception

It is the main Catholic cathedral. Built in 1897.

Amerindian's Petroglyph

The carving appears to be a family of three people - male, female and child, but the remain has not been fully studied yet.

Sugar Mill

This is a Sugar Mill in Choiseul. Sugar was produced in Saint Lucia during 18th century.

Moule a Chique

It was built in 1912 and is said to be the world's second highest lighthouse.

Morne Pavillon*

Morne Pavillon was named by the French Civil Commandant, Baron de Longueville, who developed a cotton plantation in the surrounding area in the 1700s.