School children touring the Pigeon Island National Landmark walking through dappled shade on the Watt a Trail

Do you love nature, wildlife or history?

As a youth member of the Saint Lucia National Trust, YOU can be a Conservation Champion!

You can help save our beautiful island’s ecosystems and historical heritage… The future belongs to YOU; the youth of today!

Dr Gregor Williams speaks with youth at a National Trust membership outing

Have you ever been on a turtle watch or camping with cook-outs? Turned garbage you collected on a clean-up into art to raise funds for conservation? Learnt how buildings were made hundreds of years ago or found ancient Amerindian pottery or fossils? Do you know that lots of plants we take for granted can be used as medicines or food for us or animals and sea creatures too?

The Saint Lucia National Trust youth activities are about having fun and adventure while learning AND being involved in positive change for a greener future!

Want to know more about our heritage, our heroes, how to recognize historic buildings and artefacts – Amerindian, colonial British and French, pirates, freedom fighters, African, Indian, even World War II American and Allied forces? Our heritage is rich and full of exciting discoveries waiting for you to make! 

Come and learn how healthy natural spaces and healthy ecosystems can support livelihoods and create opportunities for business. Learn about our impacts and how to look after nature and heritage at home and in the community. Become empowered to understand why a healthy environment matters and to recognise the important role nature plays in everyone’s lives.