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Membership Meeting Saint Lucia is home to incredible natural landscapes, culturally diverse historic heritage, rich biodiversity and important ecosystems and the stewardship of these treasures has been conferred upon the Saint Lucia National Trust.

The Trust is made strong and capable by our staff and Council and by YOU, our members! And as our responsibility grows, we need a strong and active membership to give us wings, so we hope you will join us, bring others on-board and be part of our work as change-makers for a better future!

We welcome input and guidance from our members who have technical expertise and as a member you also have a direct say in guiding the organisation through your opportunity to vote for the governing Council at our AGM.

But it’s not all work! We are happy to say that as a member, there’s lots for you to enjoy too!

As a member of the Saint Lucia National Trust, you can

  • Take advantage of special membership excursions – explore Saint Lucia’s breath-taking nature, our protected areas and rich historic heritage with us
  • Be part of membership learning activities – fun, scientific, historic – we plan to serve up something to suit everyone’s interests
  • Take advantage of a growing collection of discounts – discounted access to our sites; discounts our shop when it’s launched; corporate partner discounts and more
  • Be a change-maker – the voice of our members adds so much impact to our message and our ability to push for positive change – whether you comment on and share our social media posts, volunteer at our activities; write for our newsletter; add to our photo-video library; lead a member’s activity – there’s no end to ways in which you can be a change-maker with us!
  • As a member you can also access our special members’ area of our website and receive all issues of the Trust’s fun and informative e-newsletter where you’ll be first to know about any opportunities and news.

With the support of our members, we can care for Saint Lucia’s irreplaceable heritage – our natural spaces, our historic places – So, don’t wait – Take action now, for you and your family, for Saint Lucia, for the future! Join us today

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