It’s our Anniversary!! 45 Years and Counting

It’s our Anniversary!! 45 Years and Counting

Pigeon Island became Saint Lucia’s first National Park 45 years ago today and since that date, has been a favourite of Saint Lucians and visitors alike.

Now the island’s only National Landmark, Pigeon island often receives around 100,000 visitors each year who come to enjoy the peaceful breezes, cozy beaches, beautiful vistas and learn about the islands multilayered history.

The history of Pigeon Island starts from being  one of the home bases of the Amerindians or Kalinago, through serving as the vantage point for both the infamous pirate Jambe de Bois – Francois Le Clerc, and later, the  British Naval Fleet under Admiral Rodney, who were able to make critical early sighting the French fleet leaving for the naval battle known in history as the Battle of the Saintes. This battle played a major role in the decisions made between colonial powers that settled which colonial power many of the Caribbean islands would exist under until present day.

Other interesting facts about Pigeon Island include that it was Saint Lucia’s last whaling station and from 1937 was leased  to English actress Josset Agnes Leigh. Leigh gave up the lease temporarily during World War II when the American military operated a naval station in Rodney Bay and Pigeon Island. From 1947, she ran a small restaurant on the beach where she entertained hundreds of guests. At times there would be dozens of yachts anchored in the lee of Pigeon Island. By the time she sold her lease in 1971, Leigh, also affectionately known as “Miss Snowball”,  had already developed a reputation for turning Pigeon Island into a small slice of paradise.

This small historic park continues to soothe the bodies and souls of all who visit and provides a beautiful backdrop for many life celebrations.

We thought you might like to have that beauty with you every day, so we’ve created some wallpaper images for you to use on your laptop or phone. Of course we included a few of our other sites too!

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Pigeon Island 45th Anniversary Laptop Wallpaper gift sm

Pigeon Island 45th Anniversary phone Wallpaper gift

Happy Anniversary!!