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About The Trust

The island of Saint Lucia is home to incredible natural landscapes, culturally diverse historic sites, rich biodiversity and important ecosystems.

The Saint Lucia National Trust is honoured to be given the mandate to take care of our island’s built cultural, historic and natural heritage. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about these fascinating places and about our work.

Our sites offer some of the most popular island experiences from hiking trails, historic buildings and ruins, and memory-making locations for superb island weddings and every important life event.

We host a fascinating array of outings, events and educational activities for our members, young and young at heart and we welcome new members who want to be a part of our exciting work – apply here

If membership is not right for you, you can still become a champion for conservation and sustainable development of Saint Lucia’s natural and historic heritage in a variety of other ways – click here to find out more about volunteering or donating or sponsoring us.  

Created in 1975 by an Act of Parliament, we are proud to be the longest serving environmental and heritage membership conservation organisation in Saint Lucia!

We thank you for visiting and hope you’ll come back often!

There are many ways an individual, family or groups can get involved in helping conserve Saint Lucia's heritage...

Get Involved
  • Take part in our activitiessubscribe to our newsletter to be first to know what’s on offer – events, discounts, learning activities…
  • Get social! Follow us on social media and comment and share our posts; 
  • Become an advocate! write to your representatives, government, businesses about the issues you see in your community;
  • Take up volunteering – get involved in your community and our activities; share you knowledge and skills with our members
  • Becoming a member – join us so we are a stronger voice (there’s lots of benefits for you as a member too!);
  • Donate – a little or a lot – it’s all VERY welcome! You can give to a specific cause or just for our overall work. Every donation helps!
  • Sponsor our work or partner with us – would you like to shine bright for Corporate Environmental Responsibility? We can help you! Get in touch here to speak to us about sponsorship or joint projects.

How We Are Run

Trust Management

The work of the Saint Lucia National Trust is carried out by a cadre of employed staff, governed by the elected and appointed Council. The Council is enabled to establish ad hoc committees to support its work.

An annual audit is carried out by a recognized public accounting firm and presented at the Annual General Meeting to members. The Annual Report is submitted to the Minister responsible for the Trust who presents it to the Parliament annually.

We strive for accountability, transparency and an open, welcoming organization, but by nature, some of our work involves tough advocacy and conflict resolution. We do our best to take a proactive approach in advocating for the best balance of conservation, effective management and development of Saint Lucia’s precious natural and historic assets.

Access the Saint Lucia National Trust Rules here.
Looking to the Future

Strategic Plan

In 2009, the Trust approved a new 10 year Strategic Plan, in which we defined our Vision, Values and Challenge.
Our Vision

The natural and historical patrimony of Saint Lucia is conserved for present and future generations.
Our Values

  • Ensure that honesty and integrity, truthfulness, and openness guide our work.
  • Strive to provide efficient, effective and timely customer service
  • Manage our operations in a cost effective manner and apply our funds according to the highest standard of accountability.
  • Ensure all management and programmatic activities help deliver our core objectives.
  • Strive to build strategic partnerships with other organizations, government agencies, the private sector and local communities.
  • Aspire to best international standards.
Our Challenge
The Trust is unique in that its activities cover the full range of heritage conversation issues; from site development and management to education and advocacy. Our challenge is to make conservation relevant to the lives of the people of Saint Lucia and all others who have an interest in the island’s magnificent heritage. The emphasis of our programme over the coming years will widen from a primary focus on the management of our properties towards an equal recognition of the benefits that heritage conservation can generate to the people of Saint Lucia and all others who share this interest. These benefits range from social, economic and educational enhancement to environmental, cultural and spiritual gains. So, the challenge for the Trust will be to engage the public in demonstrating these values in a way that is dynamic and inspiring, and that engenders a sense of national pride. The objects of the Trust are: (a) the listing of buildings, objects and monuments of prehistoric, historic and architectural interest and places of natural beauty with their animal and plant life; (b) the listing of objects of prehistoric, historic and archeological interests; (c) the compilation of photographic and architectural records of the above; (d) to locate and to promote the preservation of buildings and objects of archaeological architectural, historic, artistic or traditional interest and the establishment of museums; (e) to promote and preserve for the benefit and enjoyment of the State of submarine and subterranean areas of beauty or natural or historic interest and to preserve (as far as possible) their natural aspect, features, animals and plant life; (f) to list the flora and fauna in the areas mentioned in paragraph (e) and to promote their conservation; (g) to make the public aware of the value and beauty of the State’s heritage as set out above; (h) to pursue a policy of preservation, and to act in an advisory capacity; (i) to acquire property for the benefit of the State; (j) to attract funds by means of subscription, donations, bequests and grants for the execution of the above objects; (k) to administer the Trust property for the furtherance and achievement of the above objects
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